Talking to spirit guide/helper

Published May 21, 2012 by Selenah Awrin

So last week I had this encounter with my spirit guide or helper. I was conversing with another psychic and she said she saw a tall Victorian Era male spirit guide around me. Once she had said that I felt instantly connected to the spirit she was talking about. My mind all of a sudden became super aware and he was talking to me. He told me I had an affair with him in a past life, that he died of a fever or illness and was young when he died. He died at around age 28 or 29.

He says wants me to be true to me, that the one I’m dating right now isn’t the only one I’m connected to in that powerful way, To Choose my husband in this life wisely. He doesn’t like some of the situations I’ve gotten myself into in the past and the present time. The psychic says he wants me to find someone who really loves and honors me. Her and I both sensed that hes very protective of me and has gotten me out of trouble in the past. He told me his name used to be John, or something with a J. He was fairly wealthy and was trying to get me away from someone that has been incarnated into this life with me. He won’t tell me who it is though.

This certainly was an interesting experience. Big eye opener for me as I get to know more of who is around me. The psychic says he is very lovely. I can’t really see him but I can hear him and sense him when I need to. I was very excited to finally meet him. I’ve sensed him around a lot but never knew who or what it was đŸ˜€ I really liked this other psychic that had helped me.


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