This is my Feed Back page. It’s used for when I do a reading and I receive comments.


Psychic Selenah is the real deal. She was very accurate in my reading and she had no previous knowledge of what I was dealing with in my life. I recommend Selenah’s services to anyone as she is not only accurate but her prices are more than reasonable for her abilities. If you have a question you are seeking insight on, just ask Selenah! I guarentee you won’t regret it.

Allorah Rayne


Psychic Selenah, you are the real deal very on the mark about your readings and very profesiional too…..


Hee Kim- Bubbles


3 comments on “FeedBack

  • Hello everyone! I recently had a reading done by the lovely Selenah and I was completely impressed. I’m a very hard person to read so when she explained certain details of my past life it was truly amazing! Now new doors are unlocking for me and my path has become more clear. So with all my heart I say “Thank You” Selenah! If you have any doubts, please, do not. Selenah will surprise you with her very accurate readings. She definitely has a gift 🙂

    Brightest Blessings!

  • Selenah did a great job with my first ever reading. I am generally skeptical and really found her approach to be sincere. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. . . she told me a very real possibility. I am happy to have had my first experience with such a great individual and I can truely say I feel she is gifted; she isn’t just restating something she truely reads you and what may be for YOU.

  • I have used Selenah for months. She is very accurate and insightful. I have never met a person more intune to my inner workings. From past to present, she saw things in me I hadn’t told anyone. I would highly recommend her for any of your questions. Whether they are general or specific questions, Selenah always will do her best to leave you completely satisfied.

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