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Amber Alert Dream

Published March 24, 2012 by Selenah Awrin

So I had this dream… warning… its kinda morbid. So for all those who are sensitive to gore please do not read any further. I had this dream where an Amber Alert buzzed in my head and then all of a sudden I was watching this store owner take out the garbage. I had watched him find the body of a girl that was wrapped up in rags, or sheets or blankets. Looked like she had been raped, but she was decomposed as she had been there for awhile.

The details I wrote down upon waking were: Amber Alert, Found wrapped in sheets or Blankets, Decomposed, dead, had been raped, allyway, Dumpster by a store, Stone walls, Stone Tunnel, Dark Stone Tunnel, Been there awhile.

I remember her body being found by stone walls around a dark stone tunnel or in the tunnel, by a dumpster, The body was wrapped in rags and looked like to be the size of a 12-14 year old girl. It could be slightly younger or slightly older, but in the dream that is what I judged to be the age of the victim. I been looking, and searching for cases similar to this and I am sure there are many.

The area of the dream felt/looked French and American at the same time. Probably an area where it was heavily influenced by the french in the past, such as New Orleans, but there are many areas that are heavily influenced by the french though in America and Possibly Canada. I have a lot of details but yet I don’t seem to have enough details. Maybe those details are the only important ones? Who knows. If I get any more information I will gladly share.