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A Medium on a Pagan Path Pt 2 -My Beliefs and Morale

Published March 20, 2012 by Selenah Awrin

The beliefs about deities and a higher creator is vastly different amongst us pagans, and it usually depends on what religion we choose or what spiritual path we take. It is different for every one of us so my beliefs are different from many others. The most important thing I think is even on a pagan path, not everything is set in stone. Beliefs change as a person changes and I am only one pagan perspective to consider. To get an idea of all pagan faiths it takes a lot of hard work and studying. Being an Eclectic Solitary Witch also takes studying and being open to learning, because if you aren’t how are you going to know what path is meant for you? How else will you learn what is true for yourself?  For me, real spirituality comes from within yourself, and not from some instruction manual or a teacher who thinks this ritual has to be this way or this spell can only be done my way. I don’t buy into that mambo jumbo. I wouldn’t even go to “Wiccan Schools Online” because much of the information is free online already. You just need to dig for it.

I do what feels right and what my intuition tells me. Some of us who are Eclectic solitary Pagans are people who believe in a little bit of everything from all paths in order to figure out what the spiritual truth is for ourselves.  Also for some of us we are also still learning and growing, and trying to figure out what is right for us when it comes to our spirituality. One shoe doesn’t fit all so why wouldn’t it be the same about religious or spiritual beliefs? I believe some of us were meant to be on a Christian path, but also some of us are not meant to be on that path. I feel I am one of those who are not meant to be one a Christian path.

So what do I believe about deities or about a higher power? I believe there is a Primal Source of all creation but the Primal source is nameless, sexless, ageless etc, and the most highest being. It is neither mother nor father, but both at the same time. It is whatever it wants to be and takes whatever form it wishes.  However, I also believe that the Source also created many entities or what some pagans refer to deities in order to help the creator run the universe, and to help create more life. This is where I think polytheism comes into play with many different pantheons that are out there. I don’t believe one pantheon is better than the other. Ive personally been drawn to 3 different pantheons myself and so for I personally don’t choose. I acknowledge all 3 and acknowledge the god’s of all 3,  but do not fully worship any of them. Other pagans do have a set pantheon they go by, and they do rituals with their patrons (chosen god or goddess), but some do not. I feel it is all the same anyway, and

I don’t fully worship the God’s or even the Primal Source  in the Christian sense of the word, but I do give them thanks when it is due, and sometimes pray to them. I also pray to who I call the primal source. I don’t believe in fully worshiping deities, even the primal source. You can give thanks and not worship or you can worship all the time and never give any thanks. Most of the time the concepts go hand in hand, but one day I tried putting myself in the goddess shoes, (well as much as I could anyway) I know I personally wouldn’t want all that singing and dancing and unnecessary rituals just to give me thanks. A simple thank you, and giving a gift back of some sort would all that I would require. The gift of  giving back to man kind would also be ideal or something I would wish to happen instead, if I were a deity, and that is how I view how I should treat deities and the Primal source. I am very Humanistic in my approach to my spiritual beliefs, after all we were created in their image.

I also believe in reincarnation. I believe that I have lived before many times. I don’t know exactly how many, and personally don’t really want to either. From what I do know of my past lives, the ones I have done past life regressions on, were very traumatic experiences. I was burned at the stake, and brutally raped and murdered. I used to get dreams when I was a little kid of someone brutally raping me murdering me even before I even fully knew or understood what those concepts fully meant. They were the essence of my Night Terrors. So when I found out those bad things had happened to me, the dreams I used to get when I was little clicked in my head.  After that I didn’t want to know much more about that. Maybe I’m just not ready to yet.

Another strong belief that I have is about good and evil. For me personally, I believe there shouldn’t be a war between the two because I believe you can’t have one without the other. Without Evil how do you know what is good? And without good how do you know what evil is? My Favorite quote is in the movie A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore in it. “Without suffering, how can there be no compassion?” There was never supposed to be a war. One of the things I disagree heavily with Christianity is we must always fight our dark side.  On that note, just because something is dark does not mean it is evil. We all have a dark side and a light side. I believe we must balance the two within ourselves. Not only that, but it is not all black and white. There is Grey areas too.

For example if a poor homeless little old lady came into the store and stole a loaf of bread  and you caught her, what would you do? Most often than not people would throw her in jail or call the cops if they had caught her. People believe it is Evil to steal. But from the Old Lady’s perspective you could be the Evil one, because those who would throw her in jail are probably better off than her, and greedy.  You are being greedy by not having enough compassion for her situation, and not having compassion is a dark trait. It is all a matter of perspective. Me personally, if I were in that situation, I would let her go, and pay for the bread myself, but not everyone is like me.

Also fighting your dark side is not accepting all of who you are. Once you accept who you fully are you can work with both light and dark sides in order to become a better person. Ask yourself what is darkness? What is Evil? What is Light? What is Good? Everyone has their own definition of what Evil and Good is. Christians think Paganism is evil, and about worshiping the devil. Um Excuse me?  How can we be worshiping the devil if Some of us on pagan paths don’t believe in the Devil or Hell. Mostly all Traditional Wiccans and Druids don’t even believe in the devil so how can they be Devil worshiping?  Most paths that do Witchcraft, honor nature, and spiritual rituals are centered around celebrating the seasons of life, and the very existence of life itself.  How is properly taking care of our planet evil?

Then there are some of us pagans that feel that the Church is Evil and corrupted because they are always asking for money, (Greed) ramming scriptures down our throats,(trying to mess with free will)  and in history have killed thousands of innocent people (thou shall not kill/Crusades/witch trials), or hear of horror stories on the news of pastors and popes raping little boys. Most people who are Christians, are good people because their intentions are good, but there’s so much corruption and greed in today’s world, and it has to be stopped. Personally I believe the Church created it’s own hell when they slaughtered thousands in the name of God in the Crusades and Witch Trials. That much pain and suffering doesn’t just go away, that kind of negativity manifests itself.

However, does that mean there is no such thing is Demons? Well from my research, the Word Demon derives from the word Daemon which is Latin for Spirit. Spirits come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. That doesn’t mean that all spirits are evil. There are harmful spirits, and evil spirits, but not every spirit is evil. There are good spirits that are full of light and love too. So for those who say that all spirits are demons, in a way it is true with the word’s original Latin meaning, however, that doesn’t mean all Daemons (spirits) are evil and demonic.

As far as Pagan morale goes, well as I keep saying, Paganism is different for everyone, and morals are in the same boat. Not every pagan has the same morals. However, some of the common Morale is universal in many religions. Those are harm no one, to not mess with free will, treat others with respect as in treat others the way you would want to be treated, Love others etc. What I personally have as Morals is something I was taught in secondary culture class. Some of my family members are registered Native Americans, and because of that I got to skip out of my regular classes sometimes to go learn about Ojibwe Culture. I follow or try to follow the 7 teachings of the Anishinaabe peoples.  Humans are not perfect, and I say this fact because I know I am not perfect.  I do make mistakes from time to time. I am not afraid to freely admit my mistakes, and more often than not I try to do the right thing.

The Seven Teachings of the Anishinaabe
(The People– the Ojibwe, the Odowa and the Potawatome)

To achieve honesty within yourself,
To recognize who and what you are ,
Do this and you can be honest with all others

Humble yourself and recognize that
No matter how much you think you know,
You know very little of all the universe.

To learn truth,
To live with truth, and
To walk with truth,
To speak truth

To have wisdom is to know the difference between good and bad, and
To know the result of your actions

Unconditional love to know that when people are weak
They need your love the most,
That your love is given freely, and
You cannot put conditions on it
Or your love is not true

Respect others, their beliefs, and
Respect yourself.
If you cannot show respect,
You cannot expect respect to be given

To be brave is to do something right
Even if you know it’s going to hurt you.

To read the full blog you can go to this link here down below.

Anyway those are some of my basic Beliefs and Morals. The next blog post will be how I came to be pagan, and how I became aware of my medium-ship abilities. I basically entered the developmental stage of things this past year. I’m constantly researching and trying to look for information on Mediums, but what is out there so far doesn’t  feel right to me.

Also note; Even though I consider myself pagan, I still can’t help but to explain with a christian point of view. It is what one philosopher once said “I am not religious but I cannot help but think in a religious point of view.’ I don’t remember who said that though. It was a quote I remembered from my Philosophy of Religion class in college.